Emotional Connection-Kim Wayans


“Powerful brands touch people. Brands are not about the product but about the relationship between the brand and target market”

-Cathleen Kaputa


Many moons before Twitter in the 90’s actually, the comedy skit show “In Living Color,” was one of my favorites TV Shows. As a matter of fact, the whole family gathered around to watch Wayans family N company on the tube. We loved them and the show because it was funny and they made us laugh. All the cast members were super funny, no doubt, but my favorite was the sister Kim Wayans. I thought she was funniest. My mirror neurons were activated and I saw a little bit of me in her. I didn’t think I was funny like her but I too have a bunch of brothers (four to be exact) and so she made an emotional connection with me through the show because she was the “sister” she made me laugh and I perceived her to be really cool.

Fast forward to 2000’s and enter Twitter, a place where you can directly contact celebrities and all kinds of people and actually get a response back! That in itself is exciting. I  mean before this genius phenomenon, you actually had to meet a famous person in person (okay how easy was that) or go through all the middle men and women to try to reach them. Gone are those days. And this presents the opportunities for celebrities brands as well to create a “dynamic presence on the internet,” (Kaputa, 2012, p. 206) and build on the emotional connections they’ve created through TV show, movies, concerts etc. by adding their personal touch.


So back in the day, when I was on Twitter a lot, I contacted Kim Wayans and she was successful in making a “real”  connection with me by responding to me quickly, which makes people feel like they are important (Coombs and Holladay, 2012), and by being really nice. Being nice helps people like you and as Kaputa (2012,p. 183) put it “In branding, being liked and being well-known counts a lot.” It contributes to a brand’s familiarity and appeal (Kaputa, 2012)- their brand awareness, reputation, and loyalty. Unfortunately, I can’t share my moment I had with Kim Wayans at this moment but as soon as I receive my twitter archive I will update this blog with the actual tweets. I promise it did happen!

Even though my Twitter interaction with Kim Wayans was so long ago, now that I’m thinking about her again, I really want to check out what she’s working on now and how I can support her.  I think I’ll send her a tweet and perhaps she’ll respond again. Fingers crossed.


Coombs.T. W., Hollady, S. J (2012) The handbook of crisis communication. Blackwell Publishing Ltd. Malden, MA

Kaputa, C (2012) You are a brand! In person and online, how smart people brand themselves for business success. Nicholas Brealey Publishing Second Edition 2012

Photo Credit: Abcnews


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