Vince Lombardi and Leadership

Leadership is based on a spiritual quality—the power to inspire, the power to inspire others to follow

                                                                                                                             -Vince Lombardi

What this quote means to me is in order to be successful you’ve got to give others something to believe in. You’ve got to have to spirit to motivate and inspire them to follow you. I believe people are inspired when there is a reward for excellent work and when they feel like they are believed in. Also, as we are learning from our text, leaders also must have credibility or be trusted in order to be followed.

One of the ways for business leaders to establish credibility is competence or performing work with excellence (Cardon, 2016). I believe that when leaders are consistent, competent and perform work with excellence and the rewards of doing so are manifested it inspires peers, employees, and others to do the same. Also, it sets a standard for others to follow.

Lombardi also illustrates this idea of leaders demonstrating excellence that his players were inspired to emulate. Jerry Kramer talks about how Lombardi demanded so much of himself that he could demand much of the team and that because Lombardi believed that he was a winner he also gave permission to his players to believe in themselves which inspired them to win games (JerryKramer64, 2010).

From Lombardi’s playbook, I thought everything could be utilized in the business world. Page four, in particular, stood out to me as it resonated Jerry Kramer’s thoughts about how Lombardi motivated his team. From the strategy section Motivation and Belief says:

People may not believe your message or believe only parts of it. Or they may believe your message, but not believe they can do it; or not believe it’s the most important task; or not believe it must be done now. Generating true motivation and belief is one of the most challenging aspects of transformational leadership. But you need only a small group to start with–the core leadership team of your change effort (Hoenig, 2002, para 6).

In sports as well as the business world, I think that in addition to competence and performing with excellence leaders can people are motivated by leaders when they feel that their leader believes in them and cares about them. From the video that’s the feeling I get about Lombardi. His players were motivated by his passion, energy, and fire and his belief in them and I think that also works in the business world. When leaders are energized and excited about the work they do that carries over to others. And when they demonstrate that they care about others that motivate others to trust and believe. “Your colleagues, clients, and even your customers will trust you far more if they know you are about them” (Cardon, 2016, p.7, para 2).


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